We can provide project-based specialist consultancy services on trade finance, receivables finance and supply chain finance, and ongoing transactional support on the structuring and handling of import and export trade products.

Two examples of how we have assisted clients with our consultancy services are described below.

Structuring import letters of credit

A global organisation was concerned at the growing import letter of credit usage by their overseas manufacturing subsidiaries, the wide variation of terms and risk exposures.

A detailed analysis was undertaken of their letter of credit transactions and a comprehensive report provided to their executive board. This allowed the client to better understand the resultant risk of the wide-ranging letter of credit terms. Recommendations were made for the adoption of a prescribed universal set of procedures and LC terms which would manage and mitigate risk exposure.

Establishing credit policy and operational procedures

The executive of a new to market trade financier required the formulation of a credit risk policy and detailed operational procedures.

Given the often poor credit quality of the borrower, an alternative market financier must undertake a detailed risk analysis of the proposition, and take control of the goods, documents, and money flow throughout the trade cycle.

Our director, Stephen Jones was engaged as risk consultant to write the credit risk policy and to head up the trade finance company’s credit risk committee for a defined period. A member of our team was also mandated to write and implement the trade finance operational procedures.

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